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    You want to establish an internet presence without operating your own web server? You are looking for a reliable server for storing your internet pages?

    We host your web pages on our reliable Unix servers.

  • Your own internet domain name www.YourName.com or www.YourName.ch

  • An unlimited number of email addresses someone@YourName.com or someone@YourName.ch.

  • 50MB of storage at your disposal (for web pages, images, ...).

  • Unlimited traffic. You will be charged a flat rate, no matter how many people visit your pages.

  • Detailed statistics on number and origin of visits to your pages.

  • Registration of your site with the major internet search engines (Yahoo, Excite, Altavista, ...).

  • Optionally, we can also create the look and feel of your website for you.

  • Another option is hosting your online store using our electronic commerce system QualiStore.

  • Please note that we do not host adult or political content.

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